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LoT - Warlords of Draenor Teaser

Git a posted Tue at 22:47

Last Call for T-Shirts!!!

Git a posted Oct 7, 14
I will be ordering these very soon. If you have not paid, you will NOT be getting a T-Shirt. You need to follow the directions below to tell me which T-Shirt you want, and then send the money via PayPal.

Fill out a survey with all your options:
Fill out one survey per shirt

$20 for shirt
$5 for your name
$5 for shipping

So, pick your options and pay between $20-$30.

Paypal Steps:
  • Log into
  • Click "Send Money"
  • Enter my e-mail address:
  • Check "Send money to friends and family" so I don't get charged a fee
  • Send $20-$30
  • For a small fee, you can pay with credit card
  • Make sure you put your in-game name in the note so I know its you!
Any of the officers can answer any questions you have. The sooner we pay, the sooner I can order for everyone!!!

There will be a special one-time event at Start of Raid today! So, be there on time if you can make it!


Ok, this is who I have signups from so far! The next step is I will need to get your money! Contact me in-game.

Marcus 1
Wazze 1
Scrub 1
Josh? 1
Nath 1
Calade 1
Nazuna 1
Cole? 1
Rasta 1
Git 2
Git 1
Urtag 1
Dots 1
Blood 1
Excrusader 1
Primal 1
Corey Doreck 1
Shotsfìred Cole the God on shirt pls
Dotsfired a who the fuck is cole?
Kwiqast Hey gitt I would like one but the last time I checked 2xl wasn't listed as a size.

T-Shirt Update

Git a posted Sep 11, 14
What you need to know:

Price: $20

Delivery: Will mail for a few bucks. Will also deliver at BlizzCon

Deadline: Tuesday 9/23

Note, I accidentally closed the originally sign up, so i made a new one. I still have your order on the original signup. If you already signed up, no need to sign up on this one.
Nazuna ^^^^^^ Talk about a real 'team' additive
Rastafaree How metal would it be to get our name on the back of the t-shirts???? Git pls
Ok, after lots of searching, I believe I found a place that will provide everything we need with the kind of quality I want.


This is the official sign up:

The deadline is Tuesday 9/23. Make sure you pick your sizes and sign up before the deadline!


The Shirt and Sizes

The T-Shirt is great. I already have one. They are very soft and have a nice fit. These shirts are a bit more fitted, and run just a tad smaller than normal T-Shirts, so you may want to go a size up. Be sure to check out the sizing chart here:

The Price

The more we order, the cheaper the Shirt. Plan on spending $20. We need to get enough orders to make $20 work.

I will be taking money via PayPal. I'll give you the details in person once we know how many people have signed up.


I can deliver to you free at BlizzCon. If you are not going to BlizzCon or would like it before hand, I'll be shipping them out via USPS. It will probably cost a few extra bucks, I'll have to check prices and will get back to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask me!

Urtag Sign up was closed ...
Scrub The make + size for Marcus?
Git a Not many. 10 would do it. We're already at 5 or something I think.

New Media

Git a posted Sep 5, 14
So, you've probably noticed some of the site changes. I'm still working with some of the fonts that are screwed up. Unfortunately, this site doesn't allow much in the way of Fonts.

I've got some new splash screens for videos I made over the past couple of days. You'll find them below.

Also, I've gotten some requests (and actually my wife suggested it as well) that I get some T shirts printed. No guarantees, but I'm looking into this. Checking prices and what not. If we only get a few T Shirts, it might be too pricey. If you are interested in a T shirt, let me know so I can get an idea of the level of interest. I would get them together before Blizzcon, but I'd make them available to anyone who wants one. 

Also, I've been working on a Lusting on Trash WoD teaser. Expect it soon.
Pooh I'd be down for one, Though if it does get to costly Printing multiple colors on shirts adds cost to it.
Marcusdapimp Ok that's more like it, I like this will wear at Blizzcon 2014!!!!
Shotsfìred Was trying to decide what tshirts to bring to blizzcon. This would top my list!

Upcoming Open Raids

Git a posted Jul 19, 14

Monday - July 21

Lusting's 25 NM Fresh SoO

Thursday - July 24

Lusting's 25 H SoO - 6/14H 

Monday - July 28

Lusting's 25 NM Last 6 

25 Heroic Alt Raid - Thursday

Git a posted Jul 9, 14
Must sign up here on open raid!

Make sure you sign up on your alt (not your main).
Gymtansmush carrying that shinner kid huh? He must of came from mal'ganis.
Chugnoris Really nice job on that Garrosh vid Git, really nicely done.
Scrub chyeah buddy!

Arthas Transfer Status

Git a posted Mar 14, 14

Update 2 (Fri - 9:37 pm)

Guild is now over on Arthas. Happy inviting!

Update 1 (Fri - 1:31 pm)

I began the transfer late Thursday night. It is still "processing." I'm not sure how much longer it will take. If it doesn't complete by this evening, I will contact blizzard support to check on the status.

I'll keep you all posted here.
Primalfears a dread i need to move 250k as well we can spilt a gbank if u want and xfer it
Dreadmist Hey guys! This is Dreadmist. I need to make arrangements to have 275k gold transferred over to Arthas. Any stragglers ...
Primalfears a Guild Has now finished the Xfer Arthas Hype
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