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Mythic 9/10 Down

Primalfears a posted Apr 13, 15

in the past weeks we have downed Thogar

Iron Maidens

And Finally Blast Furnance 

we now have one boss left Mythic Blackhand, so everyone keep focused and lets end this tier strong 

Mythic Kromog Dead

Primalfears a posted Mar 13, 15

6/10 Mythic

5/10 Mythic

Primalfears a posted Mar 3, 15

4 Bosses in 1 week good job team

Mythic Gruul

Mythic Flamebender

Mythic Hans'gar and Franzok

Mythic Oregorger

Mythic Beastlord Darmac

4/7M Tectus down!

Git a posted Dec 23, 14

3/7M! Brackenspore downed!

Git a posted Dec 17, 14
Great job on a solid Tuesday. Let's keep rolling into Tectus!

Great job on an easy Heroic clear! Get ready for the hard stuff and the long haul. Come prepared to Mythic on Tuesday.

Rastafaree ankh hype too real bois
Dotsfired a love this <3

Blizzcon 2014

Git a posted Nov 7, 14
Hammarfall Nice 4head wazze!
Wazze DAMN! figures... clancy move your fucking big head!
Pooh Another successful blizzcon! Was nice meeting you fellas, look forward to blizzcon 2015 as well as whatever warlords has ...

Blizzcon Food Poll

Primalfears a posted Nov 2, 14
Thursday night Dinner need ideas post below

Also if you want do do Dinner Wednesday  for people showing up the extra day post below for that

We have 2 cars i know of 

Dustya has one and i think Crusdaer might have one but both are full or close to it so we will want to try and do something close to the convention center Downtown Disney has a bunch of stuff and some kinda of big mall near by with food
Scrub Come over to the house I'll make Indian food. Curry for everyone!!
Pooh Slaters 50/50 get that bacon burger! and im up for literally whatever! Feel free to text me if need be 6127030067
Rastafaree ...

Update: T-Shirts just came in!

Rastafaree So IDK if it just never got sent or I somehow missed the delivery man, but I still haven't received my shirt Q_Q Git pls
Nina I want to like this more than once....without making it weird. ...
Dotsfired a how many pictures did it take to get the perfect shot?

Last Call for T-Shirts!!!

Git a posted Oct 7, 14
I will be ordering these very soon. If you have not paid, you will NOT be getting a T-Shirt. You need to follow the directions below to tell me which T-Shirt you want, and then send the money via PayPal.

Fill out a survey with all your options:
Fill out one survey per shirt

$20 for shirt
$5 for your name
$5 for shipping

So, pick your options and pay between $20-$30.

Paypal Steps:
  • Log into
  • Click "Send Money"
  • Enter my e-mail address:
  • Check "Send money to friends and family" so I don't get charged a fee
  • Send $20-$30
  • For a small fee, you can pay with credit card
  • Make sure you put your in-game name in the note so I know its you!
Any of the officers can answer any questions you have. The sooner we pay, the sooner I can order for everyone!!!

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